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AB Workouts Mat Fitness Exercise Gym Home ABDOMINAL Support SAFETY Equipment -BK Product FeaturesPREMIUM HIGH DENSITY ABDOMINAL MAT supplies security consistent tension and a full variety of motion which routine crunches do not give guaranteeing that you are able to get a full expansion when doing sit-ups or crunches exercising the full variety of your abdominals while having constant back assistance without putting way too much anxiety on your back; Great for crossfit core trainingA SAFE LIGHT AND PORTABLE DESIGN THAT REQUIRES NO SET UP and can be taken anywhere with you; Stays company and also won't glide or wobble so you could concentrate on the exercise instead of bothering with stabilizing your body; Also can be used efficiently to stretch your back as well as release tensionFULL 6 PACK ISOLATION; Provides total isolation of your ab muscle mass throughout crunches leg lifts and sit-ups; You will certainly not feel your lower back or hip flexors working hence making this your most reliable abdominal exercise that you can use anywhere anytimeTHE ABDOMINAL MAT'S CURVED SHAPE MIMICS THE CURVED SHAPE OF YOUR SPINE allowing your abs to obtain a proper stretch under part of the motion adhered to by a total tightening at the top of the movementREMOVES THE LIMITATION OF STANDARD Abdominal Muscle WORKOUTS due to the fact that with common non-ABdominal Mat floor crunches and also stay up the greatest issue restricting the seclusion of your abs is that the hip flexors participate to aid the abdominal muscles with doing the motion; The ABdominal Mat isolates the abdominals and takes the hip flexors entirely from the equation to make sure that you can do perfect reps; Great for problems stay up leg elevates and extremely high repeatings;