Cell Phone Amplifier Verizon 4G LTE Band 13 65dBi 700MHz FDD Signal Booster Repeater with Panel Antenna Kit

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1. Prior to bid, please make certain your mobile frequency is Verizon 700MHz in your area.
This cell signal booster could just make the weak signal stronger, it cannot produce signal, that's means it won't provide you any kind of aid in a location where there is no signal in all.
2. You should obtain 3 bars of steady signal in the place where the outside antenna is taken care of in, or the booster can not work.

Operation Frequency: Band 13
Uplink:776 MHz-787MHz, Downlink:746 MHz-757MHz.
Emission Designator: LTE( G7D).
AGC LEVEL: Uplink: -45.00 Downlink: -56.00.
Max.Antenna Gain: Uplink:8.1 dBi Downlink:6.6 dBi.
Power Supply: DC 5V from adapter.
FCC Classification: B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster( CMRS).

Bundle Contents:.
* 65dB 700Mhz for Verizon Cell Signal Amplifier Booster Single Band Repeater.
* Indoor Panel Antenna with 16 feet Cable.
* Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna With 32 feet Coaxial Antenna Cable.
* Screws for Mounting.
* AC Adapter.
* English User Manual.

Setup Guide:1. Check and also discover an area where your cell phone could obtain the best signal outside your home, and maintain the outside antenna to the cell phone signal tower.
2. Repair the repeater device somewhere inside the house, the repeater ought to be fixed in a location where is near from the power outlet, and also have good air flow.
3. Tightly link the 10m coax to the outside antenna as well as the OUTDOOR port of the repeater.
4. Tightly attach the 5m coax cable to the interior antenna and also the INDOOR port of the repeater.
5. Attach the power of the repeater.