Basic Training Principles for Middle and Long-Distance Running

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"Rome, 1960. World record owner Roger Moens headlined an impressive field in the men's 800m last at the Olympic Games. At the gun, Moens led with a fast lane, as well as by 600m, the lead pack had actually thinned to five runners. It looked to be a certain success for the Belgian. However then, something interested took place …".

So begins Basic Training Principles for Middle and Long-Distance Running, a brief brochure which gives you an introduction right into the structure of a proper training program via the eyes of Arthur Lydiard's fabulous training techniques, first defined in 1962. This brochure is short, gripping, insightful, as well as created at a level which also total amateurs could comprehend. It is made to be an initial lesson in fundamental training methods for newly-minted competitive joggers.

This booklet was written to obtain young, appealing secondary school joggers excited to start a training trip and to establish them on the ideal track for long term advancement, but any kind of runner, young or old, novice or expert, can gain something from Basic Training Principles.